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Closely interwoven with that of our regions. Find out why we are so proud of it.

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As a group, we are rooted in France yet at the same time multinational. Our history is built on a key principle, which involves supporting developments in society and in energy consumption patterns. Let us take you on a whistle-stop tour of what lies behind and ahead.

Our company is founded in 1929 in western France under the name ETDE, which stands for Entreprise de Transport et de Distribution d’Électricité (electricity transmission and distribution). From the outset, we are actively involved in modernising society by helping local authorities meet a major need at the time: bringing power to rural areas.

In 1959, we take our first steps outside France, in Côte d’Ivoire then Gabon.

In 1984, we become part of the Bouygues group. Then in the late 90s, we start branching out into electrical and HVAC engineering activities, acquiring the Self group.

We step up our international expansion and diversification drive in the 2000s, recording a decade of strong growth during which we incorporate 60 companies. We move into the United Kingdom then Switzerland. We develop new business lines such as Facility Management, then telecoms through Axione.

The challenges facing our clients start to change and become more complex, whether related to energy, digital technology or outsourcing. Our technical expertise and service-minded approach give us the opportunity to build long-term partnerships with them. Ever faithful to our role as a developer of rural areas, we also increasingly support cities.

We become an integrated energy and services operator, taking a key step forward in 2013: we clearly show that we belong to the Bouygues group and unite under the single Bouygues Energies & Services brand.

In 2014, we increase the pace of growth in Canada, with Plan Group then Gastier teams joining us. Together, we exceed the symbolic €2-billion-in-sales milestone.

Today, proud of our French roots, we have become a multinational company.

Backed by the wide-ranging cultural diversity and expertise of our 12,500 employees, we are ready to write a new chapter in our history, one that has a common purpose: to be useful to our clients and society.

Australia, head office of Bouygues Energies & Services (France). One of the first BBC buildings in France
Australia, head office of Bouygues Energies & Services (France). One of the first BBC buildings in France