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Customised solutions for a sustainable, secure and connected town or city

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Tailored solutions to meet your challenges

With accessible, effective and sustainable solutions, we bring more and more services to inhabitants: electric transport, public lighting, security, internet access, real-time information, etc. Together, let's become the leaders of positive change for smart towns and cities.

Smart City

A connected, economical and smart city!

Let's think about and roll out modernised, reliable and innovative city services: connected public services that are managed better, smart services that are useful in inhabitants' daily lives, SMEs and start-ups in the region stimulated to develop new offerings.

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Urban security

A comprehensive offering for flexible and innovative security

Improve the living environment and reduce inhabitants' feeling of lack of safety, with video surveillance infrastructure attached to the lighting network. Discover our innovative and scalable comprehensive security offering

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Our latest case studies

  • Bouygues Energies & Services is transforming Dijon and its surrounding metropolitan area into a smart and connected city designed both for and in partnership with the local population.
    Cities and Regions
  • A 30% reduction in power consumption by 2020
    Cities and Regions
  • Citybox® is now installed in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and is helping the city meet its sustainable development objectives
    Cities and Regions

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