Vision and strategy

In a complex world, we commit to make your life easier

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Shared innovation

As a player in the energy, digital and industrial transition, we deliver tailor-made solutions and services for your infrastructure, buildings and processes.

We want to serve your needs and build the best solutions in partnership with you, using our creativity and innovation. We are a local partner wherever you are in the world. We go out of our way to ensure that our personal commitment and skills provide you with a unique experience. Because who we care most about is you! And delivering high-quality projects and services that satisfy your expectations is our greatest source of pride.


Our vital objectives 

Developed in line with our business plan, our strategy comprises 5 key priorities focusing both on operational and human aspects: 

  • Taking care of the health and safety of all our employees
    To exceed your expectations and deliver high-quality service, our teams must operate with peace of mind, in a safe environment. We are committed to complying with health and safety rules for the benefit of all our employees.
  • Delivering a unique client experience
    Listening and responding to your expectations in a transparent and creative way is key to building a lasting relationship of trust. From the design stage right through to operation, we strive to achieve more than your satisfaction: your motivation to go further with us.
  • Bringing out and developing talent within the company
    To develop solutions that meet your expectations in the long term, we want to dedicate more to you than expertise and technology: we want to put our talent to work for our clients. Find out about the wide range of opportunities to join the company.
  • Balancing our portfolio of business activities
    By developing our market diversity, we provide you with access to a broad spectrum of effective, innovative and multi-disciplinary skills and solutions wherever you operate. 
  • Achieving a sustained improvement in performance
    Supporting you in your growth and adapting to your needs requires innovation and commitment on our part. Our performance level is a guarantee of the competitiveness of our solutions.


How we support your needs

Our wide-ranging expertise enables us to support changes in infrastructure, commercial and industrial sectors by:

  • Rolling out innovative services for local authorities and their residents: smart city (digital-energy convergence, fast and superfast broadband for everyone, electric mobility)
  • Designing and maintaining safer, smarter and more energy efficient buildings: smart buildings / smart grids
  • Assisting manufacturers in digitising their processes to be Industry 4.0-ready: smart industry  

Coupled with the complementary know-how of our Group, our integrated solutions meet your most complex needs, simplifying project implementation.