Hiring and retaining people with disabilities

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Back in 2006, Bouygues Energies & Services was the first company in its sector to sign an agreement in favour of hiring and retaining people with disabilities.

Top award at the La Baule Corporate Film Festival
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Invisible disability

In 2016, we received the top award

At the La Baule Corporate Film Festival, in the educational film category for our three films on invisible disability


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Our Disability Network focuses on four main areas: supporting job retention, hiring people with disabilities, raising awareness of disability among all employees (through training programmes), and increasing sub-contracting to the sheltered sector.

In order to carry out its activities, the Disability Network has forged sustainable partnerships with temporary employment agencies, the French national network for workers with disabilities (GESAT) and recruitment websites (including Agefiph, and


employees benefited from job retention actions

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Horizon 2000

More than 1,000 employees have been involved in the Horizon 2000 association’s “disability awareness and demystification” initiative

Many of them felt it was one of the most positive and meaningful sessions they had experienced in their career.


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