Intergenerational schemes

French generation contract signed in 2013

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The purpose of the French “contrat de génération” (generation contract), signed in 2013, is to help young people under the age of 30 into work, retain older workers, and ensure knowledge and skills are transferred from one generation to the next.

Older people

  • Monitoring the indicator of the number of older workers with specific working arrangements
  • Providing training to enhance employability
  • Working to an annual target where people aged 50 and over account for at least 5% of hires with permanent contracts
  • Offering one information day per year to employees over the age of 55

Young people

Bouygues Energies & Services is committed to supporting young people in training.

We welcomed 365 young people completing work-study programmes and 402 interns in 2016
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Interns and people on work-study contracts

We welcomed 365 people on work-study contracts and 402 interns in 2016.

Our target to ensure that 30% of new recruits are under the age of 30 is largely achieved each year.


See our opportunities

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Our employees regularly take part in information sessions about our businesses and in school and vocational guidance initiatives, involving visits to worksites, trade shows and open days, as well as internships and partnerships with schools.

Knowledge and skills transfer

All interns and work-study interns are supported from the very outset by a tutor. This ensures a successful integration into the company on both a professional and personal level. The transfer of knowledge and skills is a strategically important issue, which is based on developing intergenerational relationships.

The concept has long been rooted in the company, especially within the community of site workers who take the role of knowledge transfer very seriously. A range of educational films produced by members of the Energy Guild is available to site workers on the internet at BYtubES.