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Our R&D programmes focus primarily on:

  • Smart grids and energy storage
  • City management and mobility
  • Energy performance
  • Big Data applications

Our projects meet our clients’ operational expectations, and involve agile, responsive approaches that are quickly put into practice in demonstrators and pilot programmes. Our Hypervision, CityBox and GET Your Space solutions illustrate this.


Three of our R&D programmes


Development of charging infrastructures for electric vehicles

ECO2 Charge

A programme to develop electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Supported by the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME), the programme has three strands: energy storage through second-life batteries; smart electricity distribution; management of charging requirements

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France's first operational smart grid


First operational smart grid in France aims to optimise energy consumption at district level via a mixed-use development (offices, homes, shops).

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IT service platform for optimizing energy management


European programme that involves developing an IT services platform to optimise energy management in building complexes.

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