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Public lighting accounts for 40% to 50% of electricity spending in towns and cities. What if we reduced the bill?
Bouygues Energies & Services meets your economic and environmental challenges, by bringing greater safety and well-being to your inhabitants.


An effective response


With an innovative urban lighting network, you guarantee the energy performance of your infrastructure and facilitate the roll-out of new services that:

  • Develop the town or city's appeal and reduce spending
  • Provide quality of life and safety to citizens
  • Control the smooth operation of public services in real time

Thinking up solutions together

Choose smart street lighting with our customised services:

  • Performing a light diagnosis with an analysis of the existing infrastructure
  • Defining a light plan adapted to each space: town centre, pedestrian area, residential neighbourhood, heritage to enhance, festive lighting
  • Modernisation of the urban lighting network
  • Remote operation in real time with a single, industrial, standardised and patented tool: CityBox improves the energy performance of your lighting network
  • Roll-out of your remote management installation
  • A tailored Performance Contract drawn up with performance obligations

Focus on our innovative solutions :

CITYBOX®: a comprehensive remote management solution to operate and supervise the town or city's lights:

CityBox graphic


Find out what CityBox is here


graphic cityBox


Targeted support in the field

With more than 200 locations in France, you are guaranteed a close contact to manage your project. Our local experts support you with:

  • A detailed study for innovative and exclusive solutions
  • Carrying out work using local expertise
  • Open and standard protocols with scalable operation

Bouygues Energies & Services commits to Public-private partnership type contracts by your side for:

  • A budget without surprises spread over a determined period
  • Renewal of the public lighting equipment from the first years of the contract
  • Commitments to reducing energy consumption
  • Optimised operation and maintenance of the assets throughout the contract

Our Commitments

Visual of technician operating on a city light


24/7 services supervision with recovery time guarantee

  • Transparency

Real-time supervision with access to all the operating data via a client portal

  • Result

A budget with no surprises and energy performance commitments

  • Eco-design

Reduced noise nuisance and preservation of biodiversity

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Make town and city life easier

When the lighting network becomes digital, a whole range of innovative services becomes accessible to improve users' daily lives.
Access our multi-services offer, without additional civil engineering costs.

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