Recognised by ENEDIS for our “Health-Safety” commitments

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employees awardedBecause preserving health and safety is and will remain the top priority, the teams at Pons (Charente-Maritime) in France, decided to take up the challenge launched by Enedis.

The aim was to compete with the 150 participants at the third annual Poitou-Charentes Prevention Olympics.

A challenge open to companies

For the first time in three years, Enedis opened up the challenge to other companies in the same business sector, and to its own employees. It is an opportunity to discuss and exchange on the security culture whilst getting to work with other professions.

The big winners in the challenge

Our three employees who participated put in sterling performances, winning first prize in two of the technical tests: connecting an underground cable to a service box and fitting a Linky hub in a high-up location.

They stood out thanks to their expertise and their command of the 12 fundamentals of the Group's health and safety policy, particularly with regard to wearing PPE, risk analysis, collective protection and working at height.

employees awarded by Enedis

We share the same Health and Safety objectives as Enedis. This challenge was bound to be rewarding for us as discussing the relevant issues is a good way to achieve “zero accident”. We can be proud of having been recognised and rewarded by our client Enedis, said Gino Sobota, team director for the Pons site in Poitou-Charentes.

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