What’s the link between the North Sea, an EHV line and renewable energies?

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THT line TenneTHow could we ensure the transit of the electricity produced in the North Sea wind farms to the South of Germany? That’s one of the aims of the 380kV Wahle Mecklar project.

TenneT, the Dutch grid system operator in a large part of Germany, renewed its trust in Bouygues Energies & Services’ T&D PV unit (with the support of Kraftanglagen München and DS Energy) to take care of the A1&A2 bundle of the Wahle Mecklar Extremely High Voltage (EHV) aerial line.

The bundle is located on the Northern section, nearby Hanover and will cover 30 of the line’s 230 kilometres. One of the centrals aims of this line is to allow the North Sea on- and offshore wind farms to provide power supply to the South of Germany and therefore accompany the country in its energy transition process.

The bundle’s delivery is expected for the end 2021. It is a part of the big 380kV Wahle Mecklar project which was initiated in 2019 and scheduled for 2024. This operation is another proof of the trustful relationship established between TENNET and BYes and the growing recognition of the latter’s Energy and Industry branch expertise in the fields of electricity Transmission & Distribution.

Wahle Mecklar line: facts and figures

230 kilometres: the line’s total length

800 kilometres: aerial cables’ total length for the only A1&A2 section

2024: scheduled year of implementation of the global line Wahle Mecklar

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