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Dijon: France’s first Smart City

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Bouygues Energies & Services is responsible for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the connected control centre and all the IT solutions as well as for the public infrastructure belonging to Dijon and its metropolitan area.


km of fibre-optic cable rolled out


geolocated vehicles


% reduction in energy consumption at the end of the contract

Bouygues Energies & Services will ensure overall management for the entire project, applying the full range of its expertise: smart, multi-function street lighting with Citybox®, control of road traffic, with priority for buses, urban CCTV, the safety and security of public buildings, and radiocommunications. Its subsidiary Axione, a digital-technology specialist, will roll out and operate the broadband network connecting the 24 local-authority districts of the metropolitan area.

Axione will design and deploy modernised, more reliable and innovative urban services: connected, more efficiently managed public services, and smart services that provide day-to-day benefits to inhabitants, small businesses and local start-ups, who will be encouraged to develop new activities.

Building a connected region together:

  • Getting more out of public infrastructure and improving its management
  • Improving the efficiency and coordination of municipal services
  • Reducing energy consumption, particularly by street lighting and public buildings
  • Developing new services: information, transport, Wifi, CCTV, electric mobility, lighting, smart parking
  • Using open data to stimulate regional development for startups and small businesses

At the heart of the project is the Urban Hypervisor, a solution that is connected to the city’s public infrastructure and equipment. It gives a full overview of all assets, thereby making it possible to optimise their management and improve coordination between services. The result is more efficiency for the benefit of inhabitants and their quality of life.

Let’s take a concrete example: you are in front of the Urban Hypervisor, with the control of equipment and services at your fingertips!

An accident occurs and the information is transmitted instantaneously. In just a few clicks you have access to CCTV cameras, you can control traffic lights and thus coordinate the arrival of the emergency services as well as inform local residents.

There are daily benefits for the city and its inhabitants

A connected city is a smarter one:

  • Broadband and radio networks connect up all municipal infrastructure
  • An urban hypervisor monitors and controls equipment and services 24/7 and in real time
  • Smart systems enhance safety and security: CCTV with image analysis, abnormal event detection, automatic bollards, fire detection, signalling, traffic monitoring, city-centre access control
  • Citybox transforms the power grid into a high-speed data network that supports new services: Wifi hotspots, CCTV, sound systems, real-time information

A more economical city is a more sustainable one:

  • CityBox provides LED, fully remote-controlled street lighting capable of adjusting in real time to the presence of pedestrians and vehicles
  • Public buildings and equipment can be managed more efficiently with optimised works and maintenance
  • Control and optimisation of energy consumption via an Energy Performance Contract

A smarter city is easier to live in:

  • Mobility is improved, as traffic lights give priority to buses and smart parking systems guide drivers to empty spaces.
  • User-friendly managed electric mobility services with Alizé charge points and app
  • Real-time communication with between the municipality and local residents via social apps. Inhabitants are now real players in the life of their own city!

Economic growth opportunities for small businesses and start-ups:

  • An Open Data platform that harvests and publishes all the region’s data
  • A genuinely innovative ecosystem that reuses, cross-references and gets the most out of this harvested data
  • An Open Innovation programme where start-ups, large companies, schools and universities work together to create new services
  • An Open Lab in the heart of the city provides a life-sized space for experimentation
  • Encouraging economic development and job creation with data as the primary raw material: data is the new Eldorado!

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