Security for your facilities

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If you are looking for a reliable and efficient, turnkey backup solution, we offer tailored support for all your projects to install backup or emergency generators, contractually guaranteeing optimum efficiency, transparency and controlled costs.


An effective response

Because safety is a priority, we commit to reducing the risks to which your facilities are exposed:

  • industrial risk (failure of the process)
  • operational risk
  • terrorism risk
  • environmental risk
  • nuclear risk in a post-Fukushima context

Choose a reliable partner for the safety of your facilities under construction or renovation.

Thinking up solutions together

Bouygues Energies & Services brings the experience and guarantees of a leader in major construction projects. Access fully integrated solutions with a single contact point, in four stages:

  • Design : feasibility study, proposal of innovative and sustainable solutions
  • Execution : creation of technical and administrative documentation, provision of equipment, logistics, execution of works and installations
  • Testing and commissioning : factory test, on-site tests, compliance tests, industrial commissioning, connection to the power grid
  • Operation and maintenance : support for equipment monitoring and control, skills transfer.

Benefit from tailored support and acknowledged expertise to optimise the operation and safety of your backup facilities. Drawing on our experience of managing flagship and strategic projects for international customers, our solutions guarantee:

  • a specific organisation suited to industrial and nuclear projects
  • management of technical, environmental and health and safety standards specific to the sphere of activity
  • expert know-how to ensure choice of the best and most suitable technology
  • a commitment in terms of performance (start-up time, reliability, robustness), quality, costs and deadlines
  • expertise in nuclear industry requirements (qualifications)

For maximum efficiency, we offer you:

  • an EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) contract: fully integrated and transparent turnkey solutions incorporating design, project management, procurement and construction, with a single contact point
  • dedicated experts with specific training in the nuclear industry

Targeted support in the field

Throughout your project, our people will work with you to:

  • provide you with specific project teams
  • ensure the availability of backup generators
  • innovate and offer you the best choice of partners and the best available technologies (BAT)
  • offer tailored solutions from a totally neutral and independent standpoint
  • make a positive contribution to the social and economic life of your region
  • guarantee performance and compliance with deadlines

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