Turnkey solar power

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Looking for energy self-sufficiency? From the feasibility study to maintenance of your facilities, we support your projects for solar mega-plants, solar farms and photovoltaic plants. Together, we create clean, cheap and sustainable energy.


An effective response

Against a background of technological change and dwindling fossil fuel resources, we help you find solutions to meet growing demand for electricity. Using innovative and appropriate technologies, we develop renewable energies in compliance with legal and environmental requirements.

Thinking up solutions together

Bouygues Energies & Services guarantees measurable and sustainable outcomes throughout the process of developing, building and operating photovoltaic plants:

  • feasibility study: impact and sunlight study, guarantee of the project’s technical feasibility
  • administrative formalities and finance: help with preparing the project and putting together the financial package
  • design of the solution: choice of equipment, design of ground plans and circuit diagrams, generation potential study
  • execution of works: construction of buildings or ground works and execution of works on a turnkey or package basis
  • commissioning and connection: compliance tests, connection to the power grid and operation
  • maintenance in operational condition: maintenance of plant and equipment, monitoring, guarantee of the performance ratio and equipment availability rate


We offer a wide range of solutions and technologies to help you develop your projects for solar mega-plants, solar farms or photovoltaic plants, including ground or rooftop PV, standard PV, trackers, diesel/PV hybrid, boosted PV, energy storage, floating PV, concentrator photovoltaic (CPV), on-grid or off-grid, storage, etc.

Whatever the type of facility

  • Ground-based solar farms
  • Buildings (schools, housing, farm buildings)
  • Logistics hubs and industrial facilities
  • Car park canopies
  • Shopping centres
  • Brownfield sites (former quarry, landfill, etc.)
  • Mining sites

Whatever the nature of your technical constraints

  • Irradiance
  • Heat
  • Site topography
  • Consumption profile for off-grid facilities
  • Quality of the grid

Targeted support in the field

For your major EPC solar power plant projects, benefit in addition from:

  • tried and tested experience on over 130 completed projects
  • a capacity to carry out assignments anywhere in the world, from Asia and Oceania to Africa and Europe
  • our long-term operation and maintenance services, including long-term performance commitments
  • project finance support, through IPP contracts and long-term PPA (Power Purchase Agreements)

Discover also

Sustainable, reliable and efficient power generation

  • Gas, heavy or light fuel oil, dual fuel
  • Cogeneration: electricity, steam, heat
  • Modernisation, rehabilitation, revamping

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