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A full-service offering with tailored solutions.

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Serving you

In the era of cloud computing, big data and the internet of things, reliable data storage is crucial. We can meet these challenges together, drawing on our expertise in engineering, works and maintenance. We support you in your project from the outset, helping with administrative formalities and the financial package.


An effective response

Our tailored services guarantee:

  • help with administrative formalities and the financial package
  • the design and execution of a turnkey project
  • the availability and performance of your facilities
  • optimised energy performance
  • the gradual and controlled expansion of your capacities

Bouygues Energies & Services offers optimised and integrated building and utilities solutions to meet your information system requirements.

Thinking up solutions together

Comprehensive support from design studies to operation

Data Center graphic

  • Planning of a turnkey project: Buildings – Infrastructure – Utilities – IT
  • Multi-technology expertise:

Data Center graphic

  • Security: redundancy is crucial for data centres. All technical equipment is backed-up in order to guarantee seamless operation 24/7
  • Improved energy performance while maintaining optimum levels of quality, safety and continuity:

Data Center energy performance

  • Turnkey modular data centres using a “fast track” approach:
    • Design of a local data centre solution suited to the rapid development of start-up ecosystems, with investment adjusted to real capacity needs
    • Harnessing all the Bouygues group’s skills (property, construction, etc.)
    • Tailored location study to guarantee the facility’s scalability
    • Modular design based on 100- to 500-m² data rooms and 500Kw to 750Kw modules
    • Energy performance commitments
    • A guaranteed time to market of 18 months from design to handover

If the facility is expanded, we guarantee uninterrupted use of rooms in operation.

Targeted support in the field

Our assets:

  • a strong presence in France and around the world: through the Group we have long-term operations in 80 countries and involvement in major projects that call for high-level technical skills
  • differentiation through innovation at all stages of the project, from initial contact with the customer through design to execution, backed up by strong partnerships
  • many years’ experience of managing complex projects, with highly motivated and skilled staff who enable us to perfectly meet our customers’ needs

Attentive to your every need, we have a team of 600 industrial experts in France, the UK and Canada assigned to design, engineering, commissioning and training, plus 3,000 employees assigned to execution and industrial installation.

Our commitments

Visual of data centre construction
  • Safety

Safety as a priority with trained, authorised and certified staff.

  • Certification

Obtaining ISO 9001 and 14001, OHSAS 18001, Qualifelec, Qualifoudre, ATD, Uptime Institute TIER-III-IV, APSAD, MASE, ATEX, BREEAM, HQE and LEED certifications.

  • Requirement

Ongoing improvement of the process, compliance with security standards, quality of work, learning from feedback.

  • Agility

With a dense network of locations, we are a truly close partner, who is responsive, listens to you and is able to handle general projects.

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