Full-service offering

A full-service offering for your industrial projects, with dedicated solutions

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Serving you

Are you looking to modernise your production facilities to make them safer, more flexible and more productive? Our engineering, works and maintenance expertise means that we can help with all your industrial projects, whatever your sector of activity.


An effective response

Our full-service offering, incorporating the development of your turnkey projects from administrative formalities and financial packaging, means that we can offer you tailored solutions that guarantee:

  • better availability of equipment
  • greater predictive capacity in order to limit production shutdowns
  • optimum operation of production lines

Thinking up solutions together

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To ensure the success of your project, we provide you with comprehensive support from design to operation:

Industrial studies and master plan

  • Preliminary Vision and Industrial Strategy study, from definition of objectives to the timetable for rolling out lines: identification of needs, functional analysis, scheduling, master plan, preliminary architectural design
  • Preliminary design and detailed preliminary design for the industrial and building programme: technical specifications, preliminary design, detailed preliminary design, target price, schedule

Administrative formalities and financial package

  • Administrative and property-related formalities: identification of potential sites, construction permits, environmental permits, connectivity, etc.
  • Financial engineering: identification of banks and sources of equity, sale and leaseback agreements, raising of funds for construction

Industrial design and execution

  • Comprehensive support from the prototype to commissioning
  • Planning of all tasks and critical paths
  • Mobilisation of appropriate expertise: robotisation, test benches, specific tooling, compliance, process automation, retrofitting, complex systems, assembly lines

New works to improve the availability of equipment

  • Planning of a turnkey project spanning Building, Infrastructure, Utilities, Process
  • Instrumentation, automation, robotisation, test benches, specific tooling, compliance, process automation, retrofitting, complex systems
  • Integration of all works packages: civil engineering, infrastructure, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, service networks and utilities

Pre-empting shutdowns and industrial relocation management

  • Preparation of a turnkey solution
  • Provision of tailored services: preliminary feasibility study, dismantling of machines and utilities, handling, transport, reassembly, connection of utilities and power, adaptation of lines, retrofitting and compliance
  • Mobilisation of logistics expertise to ensure the restart of production with the same nameplate capacity: adaptation of robot movements and paths, equipment location plotting, alignment of machinery


Optimum production line maintenance

  • Mobilisation of a maintenance engineering department: start-up methods, standardisation, skills management, computer-assisted maintenance management, e‑learning
  • Predictive, preventive and curative maintenance
  • Contractualised commitments (resources, outcomes, expenditures)

Harnessing a wealth of expertise for your projects

Targeted support in the field

With the strength and experience of a major group operating in over 30 countries, we can harness all the skills and expertise needed to bring your project to a successful completion:

  • the support of the Bouygues group in areas such as property development, engineering and construction
  • the financial strength of a global Group
  • a global operational and support capability

A team of 150 people including designers, engineers, technicians and experts is attentive to your every need.

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An engineering department focuses specifically on industrial maintenance contracts:

  • start-up engineering: master plan, quality assurance plan, safeguarding plan, shared management tool, indicators
  • computer-assisted maintenance management: installation and parameter setting
  • Lean Micro Innovation, FMECA, obsolescence studies, failure analysis, feasibility studies, etc.
  • skills management: e-learning, assessment

For your industrial project, we seek out and implement the best available new technologies for even better performance, by:

  • using BIM technologies to improve productivity
  • studying the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) to optimise your maintenance
  • using Lux services to reduce your energy consumption


We guarantee you the framework of a trust-based project approach:

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Our commitments

Expert in energy domain operating on site
  • Requirement

Ongoing improvement of the process, Compliance with security standards, Guarantee of robustness, Quality of work and Learning from feedback.

  • Agility

With a dense network of locations, we are a truly close partner who is responsive, listens to you and is able to handle general projects.

  • Safety

Safety as a priority with trained, authorised and certified staff.

  • Certification

Obtaining ISO 9001 and 14001, OHSAS 18001, Qualifelec, Qualifoudre, ATD, Uptime Institute Level TIER-III DESIGN, TIER III-FACILITY, APSAD, MASE, ATEX, BREEAM, and HQE certifications.

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