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In January, Stadtwerke Kiel (SWK), a regional public utility in northern Germany, celebrated the official commissioning of its new coastal power plant, the Küstenkraftwerk Kiel. General Contractor Kraftanlagen München (KAM), a constituent company of the Bouygues Construction Group's Energies & Services division, handed over the turnkey gas engine cogeneration plant to its customer SWK at the end of November 2019, after the cogeneration plant had demonstrated its reliability in a twenty-day trial run under various operating conditions with overall availability exceeding expectations.


less CO2 emissions compared with the old coal-fired plant  

73 000

homes & facilities supplied with climate-compatible district heating 

30 000

m3 of heat storage volume 


The Kiel coastal power plant makes an important contribution to the energy transition and sets new standards in terms of flexibility, efficiency and ecological sustainability with its production concept using gas engines, heat accumulators and electrode boilers.

Our service

Kraftanlagen was responsible for the planning, approval, supply, construction and commissioning of the power plant with its 20 gas engines and a total output of 190 MW electric and 192 MW thermal, including all ancillary equipment, including the auxiliary building, the integration of the heat accumulator and the electrode boiler. 
In the future, the power plant will supply more than 73,000 households and facilities with climate-compatible district heating. In addition, the electrical energy generated will be fed into the Kiel grid, which supplies households in the capital city and the surrounding municipalities with electricity. Surplus energy is fed into the upstream power grid. The flexibility of the combined heat and power plant is enhanced by a 60-metre high heat accumulator (30,000 m3 storage volume) and a powerful 35 MW electrode boiler (technology for generating electricity from heat). Due to the high overall efficiency and environmentally advantageous properties of natural gas as an energy source, the new plant will emit 70% less CO2 than its coal-fired predecessor. 
Stéphane Stoll, CEO of the Kraftanlagen Group, said in his speech:

I would like to thank Stadtwerke Kiel for their trust and their willingness to share the risks involved in such a project and to jointly overcome any difficulties that arise during its implementation. In this project of the future, which is of interest to many energy suppliers, we have further developed a know-how which Germany should regard as an asset in the energy transition. We are proud to be involved in this project and can look ahead with confidence.

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