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Turnkey charging station services 

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Serving you

The urban landscape is home to more and more electric vehicles: how do you facilitate users' transport?
Together, we encourage cleaner urban journeys by rolling out a network of totally adaptable charging stations that are accessible and efficient.


An effective response

With the Alizé offering, we support you with a customised project to:

  • Rapidly roll out a network of vehicle charging stations that are accessible to all
  • Offer services to users that are innovative, accessible and easy to use
  • Control your operating budgets and guarantee energy performance

Thinking up solutions together

With the Alizé application, geolocate a charging station and let yourself be guided by the in-built GPS, drive straight to the station and check your vehicle's charging level... with total ease!

A customised offering for the installation of charging stations:

  • Rapid, turnkey roll-out on the roadside or in buildings
  • A service compatible with all the charging stations on the market which adapts to several types of station depending on the charging speed
  • Continuous energy optimisation

Controlled operation for your peace of mind:

  • Our Operation Centre supervises your network
  • Our hotline answers your users' queries
  • Our local branches repair your charging stations
  • A client manager is responsible for service reporting and transparency

Innovative services for your users:


  • A website and dedicated application (Alizé brand or white label)
  • Multiple payment solutions: application, badge, subscription or pay per use
  • A charging station booking and guidance service
  • Simple, user-friendly interfaces
  • A hotline open 24/7

Targeted support in the field

Bouygues Energies & Services dedicates is extensive expertise to serving your engineering, installation, supervision and maintenance projects.
With a close single point of contact to support you, you save time and optimise your investment and your operating costs.


Our Commitments

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  • Proximity

With more than 200 locations in France, our teams are in close geographical proximity throughout your contract

  • Transparency

Real-time supervision with access to all the operating data via a client portal

  • Independence

A free choice of charging station suppliers

  • Certification

Z.E. READY (CN: ZER-13-12007-BOU), Qualifelec

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  • Diagnosis of your infrastructure
  • Lighting plan adapted to your town or city
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