Multi-services infrastructure

Make town and city life easier

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Serving you

Because towns and cities are complex and alive, we must support their changes to offer the best to their users.
With Citybox®, offer a multitude of innovative and connected urban services to your inhabitants and visitors: sound systems, Wi-Fi and CCTV, etc.


An effective response

With Citybox® services, you can, very simply:

  • Rapidly roll out services that are useful to inhabitants every day
  • Limit your infrastructure investments and optimise their operation
  • Control your energy bills, in particular for public lighting
  • Have a free choice of areas for roll-out where it is most needed

Thinking up solutions together

Roll out connectivity solutions for your town or city, rapidly:

  • High Speed Internet in your public places: installation of Wi-Fi equipment with a personalised portal for user registration
  • Connected information terminals, digital panels and advertising screens
  • Permanent or temporary sound equipment

In addition to standard telecoms solutions, take advantage of Citybox®:

  • Rolling out your services without civil engineering, directly on the public lighting network
  • Remote control in real time of your equipment's power supply, point by point or in groups
  • A map view of equipment for supervision and maintenance

Your infrastructure has potential:

Targeted support in the field

With Bouygues Energies & Services, enjoy close support, with a single point of contact for all the stages of your project:

  • Feasibility study
  • Help choosing locations
  • Creation of the technical and administrative file
  • Supply and roll-out of the installation
  • Personalisation and set-up of user portals
  • Operation and maintenance

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