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Safety is a major challenge for tomorrow's towns and cities. With state-of-the-art technologies, a smart city emerges to provide citizens with a stronger feeling of security. Together, let's put in place innovative solutions for secure towns, cities and spaces where life is pleasant.


An effective response

With our customised urban lighting and CCTV solutions, you help:

  • Increase prevention with the dissuasive effects of the equipment
  • Protect buildings and public facilities
  • Improve the living environment by reducing inhabitants' feeling of lack of safety

Thinking up solution together

By your side for the design, installation, operation and maintenance of your facilities, we develop a comprehensive and customised security plan for the town or city:

  • Installation of a suitable lighting network
  • Surveillance of road traffic for optimised regulation (altering traffic lights, traffic info, etc.)
  • Alert system for inhabitants in case of a major risk
  • Secure transport, buildings and streets


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In addition, adopt CITYBOX® for the rapid roll-out of your CCTV wherever your public lighting is installed:


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urban security


Targeted support in the field

With Bouygues Energies & Services, enjoy close support, with a single point of contact for your whole project:


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Our Commitment

Visual of technician operating in a smart city securated
  • Availability

24/7 services supervision with recovery time guarantee

  • Transparency

Real-time supervision with access to all the operating data via a client portal

  • Independence

A free choice of your CCTV service provider

  • Local life

The involvement of local partners to perform work, in an approach that promotes social integration

Discover also

Discover our customised solutions to link public lighting and energy performance:

  • Diagnosis of your infrastructure
  • Lighting plan adapted to your town or city
  • Reduced energy consumption

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